Sunday, May 22, 2016


The makings of the week include hand dyed indigo fabric ready to turn into pillows.  I learned some great fold and clamp techniques at a workshop by Susan Stover. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

inverness x2

We have the good fortune to have our wonderful friends living back in Inverness - up near Point Reyes National Seashore, one of my favorite places in the world.  I have spent the last 2 long weekends up there with each of my kids, and have enjoyed them thoroughly.  From swimming in the ocean and Tomales Bay in wetsuits to hiking at Pierce point and seeing the tule elk, mountain biking and hiking to the coast to kayaking in the bay, eating bbq'd oysters at sunset at Tony's to eating in town with good friends, I can't imagine a better way to spend summer with my kids.  Heavenly.

Friday, August 7, 2015


What better way to spend a sunny summer afternoon in Oakland than sailing?  It has become our regular afternoon activity these weekdays when we are at home.  Kayaking is fun too, but really harnessing the wind and gliding along with my 13 year old son at the helm is just fantastic.  A perfect place for him to be the captain of his own ship - or Hobie cat in this case.  Watching his friend and him fly across the lake was spectacular for this proud mama.

Friday, July 31, 2015

relaxing on the river

We had an amazing time up on the Russian River in the riverside house of our friends.  Complete with dive-able dock, kayaks, and various intertubes, it was the perfect summer place to relax on the river.  No place we had to be, no car driving for days, just a bike and walk into town.  We welcomed some friends so each kid had a friend for awhile, and then with just my two on the river, some unusual (these days) bonding happened as the kids kayaked down to the beach and back.  It was invigorating and relaxing for me, and so helpful as I learned how good I am feeling right now and how to breathe and enjoy these times.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

mountain serenity

I spent several wonderful days in the Sierra with my friend Mary. I had a good feeling that it would be rejuvenating but I don't think I knew HOW rejuvenating and relaxing it would be. Wow!  I really let go of my angst and worry and need to work and fix and let myself relax and enjoy myself. Ahhhhhh.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

biscuits and jam

Taking our jam on a journey....or a picnic to be more precise. I baked some simple biscuits this morning to take on an afterschool picnic at my favorite cemetery. There were a few groans in the car (they are tweens after all) but once there only happiness and joy.  Can't get better than homemade strawberry rhubarb jam on biscuits eaten on a picnic table cloth with good friends. Gratitude...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

wonderful view

Emily has been enjoying getting a new perspective on things by climbing up on our trellis. This weekend she decided to venture further and climbed all the way to our roof. I suggested she consider cleaning the skylights, which she happily agreed to do along with her friend.  Suddenly the view from the bedroom got much clearer. Yesterday another friend came over, and they decided they wanted to venture onto the roof. I helped them get up and then took a little rest in bed. Not knowing I was below, they decided to cover the skylight in flower petals. A very happy surprise for us all!